There is no doubt the upcoming school year will look different across the nation. We will return to campus on Wednesday, August 12, 2020, with new procedures in place to protect the health and safety of our students, teachers, and staff. If you are looking for a school that can best accommodate the challenges presented by COVID-19 we hope you consider St. Joseph Catholic School for the 2020-2021 school year. Click here to read about what we have been doing in our Distance Learning Program. 


1. LIMITED CLASS SIZES – Our smaller class sizes provide a superior pupil to teacher ratio for personal instruction and will be capped to ensure students have adequate room to be safely, physically-distanced and to maximize learning. Given social distancing and sanitizing requirements, the ample size of our classrooms accommodates the health and safety of our students. Our model also requires individual supplies and resources for each student with no sharing, thus providing an added layer of protection.

2. MONDAY - FRIDAY ON CAMPUS INSTRUCTION – Our school campus is open all day, so that parents can get back to work! All students in all grades start and finish at the same time and will follow the same calendar.

3. AFTER SCHOOL CARE AVAILABLE – We offer a quality, structured after-school program in a separate building adjacent to a multi-acre sports field surrounded by shade trees. Our Director supervises attendance, drop-off and pick-up, and sanitization of interior spaces. In addition, we provide nutritious snacks, organized outdoor activities, and quiet space for homework.

4. STUDENTS WORKING IN COHORTS - In the spirit of “reducing the denominator,” students are organized into discrete cohorts to minimize the spread of COVID-19 between groups.

5. LARGE OUTDOOR AREAS – Structure is provided whereby cohorts recess in separate areas, while still being afforded a Physical Education program and time for fun outdoor activities.

6. SECURE, GATED CAMPUS LIMITING PUBLIC EXPOSURE – Our entire school campus is gated, with a secure protocol for drop-off and pick-up of students. Visitors on campus are limited, and screenings are conducted prior to campus access.

7. INCREASED SANITATION – We have procedures in place for sanitizing throughout the day, giving special attention to commonly touched surfaces. Our site has alcohol-based hand sanitizers and cleaning products accessible throughout the workplace to disinfect frequently-touched objects and surfaces such as telephones and keyboards. The site custodial cleans all workspaces at their designated cleaning time.
Additionally, staff is trained in sanitation and hygiene instruction, and teachers routinely provide initial and recurrent instruction in social distancing and health practices to their students.

8. HEALTH CHECKS – All employees are required to conduct a self-screening of COVID-19 symptoms and pass a temperature screening upon campus entry.

9. 1:1 CHROMEBOOK RATIO – Technology is afforded a dominant place in the student curriculum, as Chromebooks provide connectivity to every student. This ensures safety of each student as they are only using their school provided Chromebook.

10. GOOGLE CLASSROOM PROFICIENCY – Campus-wide use of features limits touchpoints otherwise necessary for student-to-student or teacher-to-student interaction. Google Classroom is used for announcements, lesson material and assignments, as well as uploading of files, videos, images and links. Other features are available such as Google Stream, which allows students to post comments and ask questions, Google Docs, which allows file sharing, and Google Hangout, allowing forums with or without video.

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